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The future of mobile means a more intricately connected ecosystem of applications.
Looking for a great Mobile App developers ? Do you want to enhance your brand awareness through the Mobile App ? You are at right page, as Idomit is a technically sound team of Mobile App developers who have expertise developing the application on different platforms. We develop enterprise mobile apps securely integrated and synchronised with existing corporate databases, applications, and systems.

Android Development

According to Statista, 4 million people will own smartphones by 2020. Being the most popular platform in the world, many of those devices will be operating on Android. An Idea of mobile application will help your idea reach a massive audience. Our app developers pay as much attention to Android web application development as to any other integral part of the product. Multiply your digital reach with an appealing & diversified user-experience

Our Offerings :

  • Line-Of-Business App
  • mCommerce
  • Games

IOS Development

iOS mobile applications are designed meeting the highest standards of design and functionality keeping a single performance-oriented goal in mind. We build IOS applications which supports all the latest advanced technologies. Our experts make scalable apps that solve overarching business challenges and provide users with the right features.

Our Offerings :

  • Iphone App Development
  • Ipad App Development
  • App Lifecycle Management Service
  • IOS App Test Automation

Cross Platform

Utilise our cross-platform mobile development experience, you will get the app that ensures platform-specific functionality and native look and feel. We build truly native cross-platform mobile apps with power-packed functionality that brings a greater reach of your app.

Solutions we provide

  • On-demand Apps
  • E-commerce Apps
  • Social-Networking Apps

Why Idomit for App development?

Unique User Experience Design

The design of an app enhances the user experience which is the biggest factor that ensures the success of an app. Every user prefers elegant design and consistent performance. We Impact the visual senses of our target audience and design the UI that makes users feel more comfortable while using app.

Scalability & Interoperability

Scalability is the ability of your app to handle a growing number of users. We help accommodate the rapid growth of your application by incorporating scalability and interoperability.

Security and Compliance

Every mobile app needs to meet standards and guidelines assuring data is secure. Idomit Proactively Protect Your Apps From Mobile Threats. We take care of enhanced and industry-specific security compliance while developing the Mobile App

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    Our Development Process

    • 1


      Analyse the requirements
      Defining the use cases
      Concept Testing
      Preparation of Technical Docs

    • 2


      Visualising the exact layout of every screen
      Design Information Architecture
      Experiment with different layouts of your screen
      Build a high-fidelity prototype

    • 3


      Define the technical architecture
      Backend Development
      Product Builds

    • 4

      QA and Testing

      Test Case Preparation
      Manual and Automated Testing
      User Experience Testing
      Performance Testing
      Security Testing

    • 5

      Deployment and Maintenance

      Finalizing Build
      App store submission
      Perform continuous monitoring after successful launch

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