Why Online Presence is Important for any Business?

Why is Online Presence Important for any Business?
We already know that customers hit the internet when they’re searching for any product or service. According to Google, 97 per cent of consumers search for any businesses online. Google Trends clearly show a dramatic increase in these figures. Any Business that have Online Presence is more likely to receive traffic just by merely being there. Every professional must aware of the ability of the Internet to build and grow their brands.  
What is Online Presence? 
Meaning of the term ‘ Online Presence ‘ is changing over the years. Years ago, having a website was considered as an online presence. In this digital age, the definition of ‘ Online Presence ‘ has changed. An online presence means the existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search. There is so much that can be a part of your Online presence — I.E. Website, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation etc.  
Why Your Business Needs Online Presence? 
Business owners who don’t leverage online interactions are ignoring the opportunities that could enhance Business. Irrespective of your Business, Scale or Industry, Online Presence enables ways to reach the maximum number of customers, and that leads can be converted by having a successful online presence.  
How Can You Leverage your Online Presence to Build and Grow your Brand? 
While making a roadmap for increasing an Online Presence, the very first thing you should be aware of is the availability of tools that can help you establish a reputation. Here are some of the tools you can use to build and monitor your online presence.  
(I) Building Website – The first thing that comes in our mind while building strategy is making a website of the Product or Services offered to customers.  
(II) Social Media Management : No marketing tool or technique plays a more significant role in influencing your brand perception than social media. Social media is an essential tool for your Online Brand Reputation strategy. The reason is it helps you drive targeted traffic. Social Media marketing enables you to understand your audience. Further, it helps to improve site’s SEO.  
(III) Blog Marketing : Writing articles related to your products or services is one of the best ways to reach potential customers.  
Practical Example: You are providing analytics services to your customers. You have written an article on How to use Google Analytics to ensure success in Digital Marketing. Many users search for such type of questions on google. You can reach your potential customers by sharing this article on various platform. Once the user reads a piece and if they found useful, they share it on different platforms. So users who are learning the articles may visit your website and inquire about the services being provided by you. You can convert those leads and grow your business.  
(IV) SEO tools : Research shows that it represents over 60% of the total traffic on the website. Organic Search SEO improves a website’s visibility. The number of visitor coming from paid traffic may dry up, but the chances of conversion rate are higher in implementing SEO and getting organic traffic.  
(V) Email Marketing tools : Every business needs to dip their toes into several marketing channels and focus more on the most suitable channel for their business. Email Marketing widely used as an efficient and cost-effective method for customer acquisition, building brand awareness and making customers aware of your products/Services.  

Here are the Key Benefits of having online Presence of your business : 
(I) Makes Users Aware about your Product and Services 
(II) 24*7 Business Operations 
(III) Easiest and Affordable way to Build your Brand 
(IV) Building Long Term Relationship with Customers 
(V) Providing customer service at its best 
(VI) Quickly analyse your roadmap, campaigns and make a decision based on the analytics 
In today’s digital era, Online Presence of your Business has become a necessity to be Successful. But It’s never too late to grab the opportunities that are available to build your brand. 


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